Monday, 24 February 2014

Recognizing And Dealing With Seizure Warning Signs

Seizures are related to many different conditions, such as epilepsy, and there are many triggers and warning signs associated with them that you can watch for. These seizure warning signs include behaviors, physical signs, environmental factors and much more. In addition, people often experience individual warning signs prior to seizures occurring, such as a specific smell or taste.

Identifying common seizure warning signs as well as recognizing personal triggers can help prevent seizures as well as help you and others around you manage them better. Seizures can be mild or severe, and grand mal seizures are the most severe. Sometimes these seizures can have behavioral issues that are triggers even several hours prior to the seizure occurring. This can be very helpful when it comes to preventing seizures. In this case, the doctor should be contacted to see if perhaps an immediate extra dose of the medication could help. 

When the trigger is a certain smell that occurs, sometimes this can be offset by having the person who is about to experience the seizure sniff garlic or another really strong odor. Another type of seizure is called the Jacksonian seizure, and the attack can sometimes be stopped in the process by having someone massage the twitching muscles.

A person should avoid alcohol if they are prone to having seizures. If your seizures are a common occurrence, you need to definitely learn from them so that you can identify personal triggers, which will help yourself try to get them under control. A seizure is the result of an excessive amount of activity in the brain. While many conditions and situations aren't completely curable, with the right medication and awareness about lifestyle and warning triggers and signs, seizures can be manageable to an extent.

The areas of the brain affected often determine the types of seizures and the behaviors during them. Simple seizures are episodes where the patient is left conscious, but complex seizures are episodes where the person often loses consciousness. Experiencing warning signs in relation to grand mal seizures hours before was discussed in an earlier paragraph. Did you know that in some cases the warning signs can happen even days before the attack? And, sometimes there is absolutely no warning when a seizure occurs. However, knowing the many seizure warning signs is going to give you the best chance to help you manage and possibly overcome your condition.

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