Sunday, 2 February 2014

Effects of Autism on the Individual and the Family

Autism is a kind of development disorder that begins in the first three years of a person's life. It affects the brain's normal development of communication and social skills. These children have difficulty in understanding what is happening around them and an inability to predict what will happen. Children with autism cannot start or maintain a social conversation. They often communicate with gestures than words. They are mostly withdrawn, and doesn't make friends easily.

The effects of autism are many fold. Autism creates a considerable amount of anxiety and insecurity in a person on a daily basis. This situation would often be expressed through various stress reducing obsessive behaviors such as bunching, biting, kicking or full blown tantrums. Since autism is not a physically visible disease, the general public will tend to condemn such behavior. They assume a child with autism to be naughty or the parents are not controlling the child. This can lead to parents not taking their children to public places in fear of risking the behavioral difficulties of their children. This will cause not only the child suffering from autism, but their siblings too, to become housebound and isolated. This kind of situation can have a profound effect on their social and emotional well being. This is one of the major effects of autism that can affect the individual, as well as, the family.

A child suffering from autism will experience failure in school and social activities. This will lead to low self esteem and lack of confidence, which can lead to depression and other mental disorders in later life. These children are also vulnerable to abuse and being bullied in school. This also will be mentally unhealthy for the child and can create depression and panic disorders in their adulthood.

Adults with autism tend to be misunderstood by society. Due to their lack of social understanding or imagination, they can break the law and commit crimes more easily than normal people. Hence it is imperative that resources are made available by society to help these adults with autism. They should be taught life skills and social communication skills in order to cope in society and not go astray. If not, their behavior can have a damaging effect on the society and its individuals as a whole. This way the effects of autism can spread beyond the individual and family and seep into the society.

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