Monday, 13 January 2014

How To Prevent Autism - Before and After Conception

Commonly referred to as ASD, it seems that more and more children are showing signs of and being diagnosed with autism.  The many theories as to why we seem to be hearing of increased cases of autism vary from maternal age of conception to environmental factors, from genetic predispositions to a case of better diagnosis rather than increase.

Whatever the reason for the increase, our concern is on how to prevent autism, or at least taking whatever precautions we can do to minimize the risk. Below are a number of precautions that may reduce the risk of having a child with autism. In any case they will contribute to having a healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy.

How To Prevent Autism Before Conception

* Nearly all of us are magnesium deficient, supplement magnesium intake by 100-200g each day.

* Have your blood zinc and iron levels tested and if needed take action to correct the levels.

* Take a fish supplement daily (at least 500mg of DHA each day).

* Take a probiotic daily.

* Avoid eating fish.

* When possible choose organic foods, in particular eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables.

* Only use biological household products.

* Use only natural cosmetics.

* Drink filtered water only.

How To Prevent Autism After Conception

* Avoid taking drugs during the pregnancy. In particular be aware of seizure medication, although all drugs that have not been approved by your doctor should be avoided.

* Avoid all alcoholic beverages.

* Follow a good nutritional diet throughout the pregnancy.

* Avoid smoking, including passive smoking, during the full term.

* Following consultation with your doctor take a course of prenatal vitamins.

* Continue with an organic diet as much as possible.

* Particularly in the third trimester, aim for a diet that is higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates. Add good oils to your diet such as flax, olive and nut, in addition keep vegetable consumption high. 

* Minimize the amount of ultrasounds carried out.

* Remember that pregnancy stress is fetal stress. Try to keep your stress levels as low as possible during pregnancy.

* Stay fit and healthy, try to take a good walk every day.

* If possible avoid antibiotics.

The above tips are designed to assist in a healthy pregnancy and may reduce the risk of having a baby with autism. Remember to keep a balance though, pregnancy is not a disorder, it is a miracle that has been happening for a long time! Enjoy your pregnancy, stay healthy and take the necessary precautions possible to contribute to your baby's health.

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