Monday, 2 December 2013

What is ADHD-PI?

ADHD-PI a.k.a. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that is predominantly inattentive, is one of the two types of attention deficit disorders that can affect children, as well as, adults alike. This disorder makes it hard for children to focus and pay attention. Even though children are natural daydreamers, and day dreaming is how they explore new ideas, snapping back to reality can be a huge problem for children with ADHD-PI. They can be staring off into empty space in the middle of a classroom. Their focus can be on something totally irrelevant to what is being discussed in the classroom.

Scientists are still not sure of the exact cause of attention deficit disorder, but they suspect that it could be inherited through the genes. If the child's parent or siblings are having this disorder, it can be inherited by the child too. Other causes can include alcohol consumption and smoking during pregnancy, brain injuries and exposure to lead during the child's preschool years.

ADHD-PI is diagnosed if the child presents six or more of the following symptoms of inattention for more than six months, and if it is disruptive and inappropriate for his or her normal growth.

1. The child doesn't seem to listen when spoken to him or her directly.

2. Has trouble in keeping the attention on specific tasks or play activities.

3. Shifts from task to task and not finishing anything.

4. Become easily distracted and get bored quickly.

5. Are very slow to understand details.

6. Does not give close attention to details and make careless mistakes in class or other activities.

7. Trouble in organizing activities.

8. Doesn't want to do mental activities that takes a lot of time, such as schoolwork or homework.

9. Easily forgetful of daily activities.

Behavioral therapy is one method of treatment for children with attention deficit disorder- predominantly inattentive. Parents and teachers should take the initiative in this regard by rewarding the child for necessary behaviors or withdrawing privileges for unwanted behaviors. This type of therapy is sometimes coupled with medications for better effect. Drugs that are used to treat ADHD-PI is referred to as a "stimulant". The most effective stimulants for ADHD are Adderall, Focalin, Ritalin and Metadate. These drugs work by altering the way brain cells communicate with each other. It would help children with ADHD to focus more effectively than earlier. They are available in pill, capsule and liquid forms.

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